100% Fresh & Funky Since 2005.

Welcome to world of Ink and Timber. My name is Corey Philippides; an Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Web Designer based in Toronto, Ontario. As a lifelong artist, I went from doodling on his dad's legal pads as a child to becoming a Designer, Illustrator, and the founder of the Ink and Timber Design Studio, established in 2005.

The name "Ink and Timber" is a reference to the root of where my love for art began. My intensely beautiful connection and relationship with art all stemmed from a 3-year-old boy picking up a red ballpoint pen and a yellow legal pad after returning from the zoo with my family. Ink and Timber, is literally where my love for art started, and where my relationship with art in all its forms began in my life.

That first day with "Ink and Timber" changed my life forever, and my parents recognized that. Once I was finished my drawing I gave it to them; it was a drawing of an elephant from the zoo we had just visited. My parents ended up framing that first drawing, and to this day I have it hanging above my desk in my office to remind myself of the purity of those beginnings. Since that day I have carried a pen and paper with me almost everywhere I have gone.

Ink and Timber Design Studio is not just an online portfolio representing me as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, but is a culmination of all those years, all those drawings, all those memories and the result of what the love for art has gifted me in this life.

Ink and Timber Design and Illustrations sprout from seeds of Hoop, Hip-Hop, Pop Culture, Street Culture, Travel, Nature and the Supernatural. I have developed a design style that is continually being forged from always looking to explore new avenues of art and inspiration, opening myself up to evolving new and exciting styles so my art is forever progressing, my style is never stagnant, and my designs are kept 100% fresh & funky.

Ink and Timber Design Studio is currently open for commissions and collaborations so if you have a project in need of a creative and talented mind hit me up and let's connect to create something fresh and dynamic.


Growing up in Toronto's East Chinatown I was surrounded with many diverse cultural influences at a very young age, each of which have shaped and molded my artistic style. Having artists on both sides of the family I found myself with a pencil in hand since I can remember. My background was strongly based in illustration when I was growing up. I carried a sketchbook wherever I went for years and whenever a moment of spare time arose I had my head buried in my sketchbook getting lost in my drawings. In addition to illustration, I had been painting and playing with different mediums for a number of years which has helped to expand my scope at a very young age.

I knew I wanted to pursue art but I did not know in what capacity, so I decided to enroll in Centennial College for the Art Fundamentals course to help me figure it out. We covered every area of art that year but from the moment I sat down in front of a computer, it became evident what my next path of artistic endeavours would be. I immersed myself in all areas of art while enrolled within that course but spent most of my time figuring out the Adobe design programs and adapting my style to a digitized format. I graduated from my course and immediately enrolled in the Graphic Design program at George Brown College in downtown Toronto, ON.

I had some of the best years of my life within the Graphic Design program, exploring new areas of design and fortifying old areas with new techniques. I graduated from George Brown College, finishing my studies with a 3.86 GPA and receiving my diploma with a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Web Design and Advertising. Soon after leaving college I started my design career and founded the Ink and Timber Design Studio in 2005 (formerly known as Spiralgraph Design). I have studied and have considerable experience in all aspects of design including within the field of illustration, web design and the 3D animation industry.

I moved to Vancouver and joined the team at Nitrogen Studios to work on the Thomas & Friends animated TV show. I worked on creating textures and 3D landscapes for 19 episodes and 2 international DVD releases. In addition to my design experience I have seven years experience within the search engine optimization and marketing field which gives me a detailed understanding of online marketing practices and strategies. I have gained an array of experience in multiple areas which makes my overall skill-set that much stronger but my true passion lies within the graphic design industry.

Since returning to Toronto and over my time in the industry I have worked for design agencies and as an independent freelance designer working on a wide range of materials for print and online applications. I specialize in illustration, logo design, web design, textile graphics, custom WordPress website design and development, CSS coding, UI & UX design, infographic design, poster design, editorial layouts, promotional materials, and more. I am always expanding my knowledge into new avenues, and am dedicated to continuously evolving my skill-set in order to create a better professional version of myself and to give all 'Ink and Timber' clients the best possible designs imaginable that exceed their expectations and deliver results.

I love to challenge myself in design and bring my best to everything I do in life. This ever expanding and evolving mindset is why I like to think I am a 'Human Swiss Army Knife', equipped with the tools to get any design job done... and done with style!